People as Resource


When does population become asset rather a liability?


Population becomes an asset instead of a liability when investments are made in the form of education, training and medical care.

People as Resource

Q 1.

What is seasonal unemployment?

Q 2.

What do you mean by the term unemployment?

Q 3.

Which aspect of a large population has often be ignored or overlooked?

Q 4.

List a few indicators which determine the quality of population?

Q 5.

Why is male literacy rate more than female literacy rate in India?

Q 6.

Define infant mortality rate (IMR)

Q 7.

How can a large population be transformed into a productive asset? Name the country which has been invested in human resources.

Q 8.

Name the economic activities covered in the primary sector.

Q 9.

How is the investment in human resource is similar to any other type of investment?

Q 10.

What is the role of education in human capital formation?

Q 11.

What do you understand by people as a resource?

Q 12.

What do you mean by disguised unemployment? State an example.

Q 13.

What is human capital?

Q 14.

What is 'People as Resource'?

Q 15.

Why are women employed in low paid work?

Q 16.

What are non-economic activities?

Q 17.

What is human capital formation?

Q 18.

How human capital contributes to Gross National Product by citing two examples?

Q 19.

What do you mean by market activities?

Q 20.

Name the factors on which quality of population depends.

Q 21.

List the two parts of economic activities.

Q 22.

Why is human resource considered to be the most important resource?

Q 23.

What is the difference between economic and non-economic activities?

Q 24.

How is human resource different from other resources like land and physical capital?

Q 25.

When does population become asset rather a liability?

Q 26.

Define economic activities.