Some Natural Phenomena


Suggest three measures to protect ourselves from lightning.


Protective measures against lightning are as follows:
(i)Stay in a completely closed place. If you are moving in a car, then remain there until the lightning is over. Close the windows of the car immediately.
(ii) Do not touch any electrical wires, telephone cables, metal pipes, etc.
(iii) Do not bath in running water. This may cause an electric shock.

Some Natural Phenomena

Q 1.

Explain why a charged balloon is repelled by another charged balloon whereas an uncharged balloon is attracted by another charged balloon?

Q 2.

Describe with the help of a diagram an instrument which can be used to detect a charged body.

Q 3.

Name the scale on which the destructive energy of an earthquake is measured. An earthquake measures 3 on this scale. Would it be recorded by a seismograph? Is it likely to cause much damage?

Q 4.

Suppose you are outside your home and an earthquake strikes. What precaution would you take to protect yourself?

Q 5.

The weather department has predicted that a thunderstorm is likely to occur on a certain day. Suppose you have to go out on that day. Would you carry an umbrella?

Q 6.

Suggest three measures to protect ourselves from lightning.

Q 7.

Explain why a charged body loses its charge if we touch it with our hand.

Q 8.

List three states in India where earthquakes are more likely to strike.

Q 9.

Sometimes, a crackling sound is heard while taking off a sweater during winters.