New Kings and Kingdoms


Write a note on Prashastis'.


Prashastis, often written by learned Brahmanas, were details of the functioning of a king. They may not be literally true. They tell us how rulers wanted to depict themselves—as valiant, victorious warriors etc. Brahmanas were rewarded by grants of land which were recorded on copper plates.


New Kings and Kingdoms

Q 1.

Who was Prithviraja in ?

Q 2.

Look at Map 1 once more and find out whether there were any kingdoms in the state in which you live.

Q 3.

Who were the writers of Prashastis?

Q 4.

What kind of irrigation works were developed in the Tamil Nadu?

Q 5.

Who paid revenue?

Q 6.

Write a note on Prashastis'.

Q 7.

Who was Kalhana? Why was he famous for?

Q 8.

Define nagarams'.

Q 9.

Find out more about taxes that are collected at present. Are these in cash, kind, or labour services?

Q 10.

How was the financial position controlled in these states?        [V. Imp.]

Q 11.

Who destroyed the temple of Somnath?

Q 12.

What were the two major cities under the control of the Chahamanas?

Q 13.

What were the activities associated with Chola temples?

Q 14.

Write a note on Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni  [Imp.]

Q 15.

What was the system of election of committee members for Sabha?

Q 16.

What were called as ur'?

Q 17.

What was called rent'?

Q 18.

Why are the temples of Thanjavur and Gangaikonda-cholapuram famous for?[V. Imp.]

Q 19.

What was tripartite struggle'?              [V. Imp.]

Q 20.

Who was Kalhana?

Q 21.

Who were the parties involved in the tripartite struggle'?

Q 22.

How did the Rashtrakutas become powerful?

Q 23.

Who wrote Kitab al-Hind?

Q 24.

Trace out the emergence of the new class of rulers.    [V. Imp.]

Q 25.

Match the following:
Gwjara-Pratiharas    –      Western Deccan
Rashtrakutas             –        Bengal
Palos                           –      Gujarat and Rajasthan
Cholas                          –          Tamil Nadu

Q 26.

What were called nadu'?

Q 27.

What were the qualifications necessary to become a member of a committee of the sabha in the Chola Empire?

Q 28.

What was the role of temples during Chola kingdom? [V. Imp.]

Q 29.

What were prashastis'?

Q 30.

What was known as brahmadeya'?

Q 31.

Who was Prithvirqja III? Who defeated him?

Q 32.

What was sabha'?

Q 33.

What did the new dynasties do to gain acceptance?

Q 34.

How did the Cholas rise to power? Trace out the role of Rajaraja I in this rise.[V. Imp.]

Q 35.

Compare the temple shown in this chapter with any present-day temple in your  neighbourhood, highlighting any similarities and differences that you notice.

Q 36.

Why were the temples first targets of the conquerors?            [V. Imp.]

Q 37.

Who was Dantidurga?

Q 38.

Who was Dantidurga? How did he became a kshatriya?

Q 39.

Contrast the elections' in Uttaramerur with present day panchayat election?

Q 40.

Describe the irrigation system of Chola kingdom.      [Imp.]