Inside Our Earth


What are the main constituents of the core?


The main constituents of the core are nickel and iron. It is usually known as nife.


Inside Our Earth

Q 1.

Name the main mineral constituent of the continental mass.

Q 2.

Give reasons:
(i) We cannot go to the centre of the earth.
(ii)  Sedimentary rocks are formed from sediments.
(iii) Limestone is changed into marble.

Q 3.

What is the special feature of this layer? {Imp.]

Q 4.

What are called igneous rocks?

Q 5.

What happens when igneous and sedimentary rocks go under great heat and pressure?

Q 6.

Answer the following questions briefly.
(i)  What are the three layers of the earth?
(ii) What is a rock?
(iii) Name three types of rocks.
(iv) How are extrusive and intrusive rocks formed?
(v) What do you mean by a rock cycle?
(vi) What are the uses of rocks?
(vii) What are metamorphic rocks?

Q 7.

Mention various types of rocks IV. Imp.]

Q 8.

What is the earth's crust made of?              [V.Imp.]

Q 9.

What are fossils?

Q 10.

What is the radius of the core?

Q 11.

What is called the uppermost layer of the earth? [Imp.]

Q 12.

What are the main constituents of the core?

Q 13.

What are minerals? How are they useful for mankind?

Q 14.

Name the constituents of the oceanic crust. [V. Imp.]

Q 15.

What do you know about the interior of the earth? [V. Imp.]