How the State Government Works


What do you mean by an MLA? Is it necessary to become a member of any political party to become a MLA?  [V. Imp.]


The term MLA stands for a Member of Legislative Assembly. He/She is elected through a general election and represents a particular constituency. It is not necessary for one to be a member of a political party to become a MLA. He/she can contest the election as an independent candidate also. In some cases, he/ she is sponsored by a political party. But one thing is necessary that he/she must be a citizen of India and fulfil the requisite qualifications for the post.


How the State Government Works

Q 1.

What do you know about a wallpaper?

Q 2.

How is the Governor of a state appointed?  [V. Imp.]

Q 3.

Who becomes a Chief Minister? What is his/her role in a state?  [Imp.]

Q 4.

Why are press conferences organised?

Q 5.

Why do people in a democratic set up organise meetings? [V. Imp.]

Q 6.

Why should decisions taken by the Chief Minister and other ministers be debated in the Legislative Assembly?

Q 7.

How did some MLAs become Ministers? Explain.

Q 8.

How will you define a Legislative Assembly?

Q 9.

Define the term government'. [Imp.]

Q 10.

What is the process of formation of government in a state?  [Imp.]

Q 11.

What do you mean by an MLA? Is it necessary to become a member of any political party to become a MLA?  [V. Imp.]

Q 12.

Who is the head of the executive?

Q 13.

What is the difference between the work that MLAs do in the Assembly and the work done by government departments?

Q 14.

How does a government function in a state?  [V. Imp.]

Q 15.

The government works at three levels. Name them.

Q 16.

Use the terms constituency' and represent' to explain who an MLA is and how is the person elected?

Q 17.

What is role of the party that does not form government?  [V. Imp.]

Q 18.

Whose responsibility is it to nm various government departments or ministers?

Q 19.

What was the problem in Patalpuram? What discussion/actions was taken by the following? Pill in the table.

Q 20.

Why did the Chief Minister and the minister for health visit Patalpwam district?