The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China


How has Vietnam become the third largest exporter of rice in the world during French colonialisation ? Explain four causes. [CBSE Comp. (D) 2008]


(i) The French began by building canals and draining lands in the Mekong delta to increase cultivation.
(ii) The vast system of irrigation works-canals and earthworks-built mainly with forced  labour, increased rice production and allowed the export of rice to the international market.
(iii) The area under rice cultivation went up from about 2,74,000 hectares in 1873 to around 1.1 million hectares in 1900 and 2.2 million in 1930.
(iv) Construction of railways also helped in the expansion of rice market.


The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China

Q 1.

Explain the reasons for the French Colonisers to scrap the bounty programme for rat hunting in 1902-03. [CBSE 2014]
What was the purpose to start ‘Rat Hunt’ programme by the French in Vietnam in 1902 ? How the purpose got defeated ?[CBSE 2012]
Describe the ‘Rat Hunt’ activity introduced by the French in Vietnam. [CBSE 2015 (O)]

Q 2.

Who launched the Scholars Revolt ?  CBSE 2014]

Q 3.

Who was Huynh Phu so ?

Q 4.

Why most of the Vietnamese intellectuals were against the introduction of French curriculam in the schools ?

Q 5.

Name the Vietnamian nationalist who wanted to establish a Democratic Republic in Vietnam ?

Q 6.

Who was Sun Yat Sen ?

Q 7.

Write a note on
(a) What was meant by the ‘civilizing mission' of the colonisers ?
(b) Huynh Phu So.

Q 8.

What steps did the French revolutionaries take to create a sense of collective identity among the French people?

Q 9.

How was the history of nationalism in Britain unlike the rest of Europe?

Q 10.

Why was a new education policy  introduced by the French in Vietnam ?  What were the limitations or drawbacks  of the new education policy  introduced by the French in Vietnam ?[CBSE March 2011, 2015 (D)]

Q 11.

There were two broad opinions on the new education policy introduced by the French in Vietnam'. Discuss.  [CBSE March 2011]
Explain the two opinions on the question  of the use of the French language as the medium of instruction in the French i  schools established for  the Vietnamese  in Vietnam. [CBSE 2010 (D)]
Why did some French policy makers in  Vietnam emphasis the need to use the French language as  the medium of    instruction ?   [CBSE 2015]

Q 12.

What were the major features of the new schools of Western learning introduced in Vietnam by the French ?
Explain four features of the education being given in the Tonkin Free Schools which was started to provide the western style of education in Vietnam.  [CBSE Comp. (O) 2008]

Q 13.

When was French Indo – China established ?       [CBSE 2011 ]

Q 14.

How was the maritime silk route useful for Vietnam ?   [CBSE 2015 (O)]

Q 15.

Mention any two proposals suggested by Bernard to improve the economic condition of Vietnam.

Q 16.

Name any one party formed by the students of Vietnam to fight against the colonial government ?

Q 17.

What were the opinions of intellectuals regarding the modernisation of Vietnamese ?

Q 18.

Who was the author of The History of the Loss of Vietnam ?'

Q 19.

What was the theme of the book, The History of the loss of Vietnam ?'  [CBSE 2014]

Q 20.

Who was the founder of Vietnamese Communist Party? Under what circumstances was the Party formed ?

Q 21.

What was Viet Minh ?

Q 22.

Who was Bao Dai ?

Q 23.

What was the result of Geneva peace negotiation which took place after the defeat of the French forces in Vietnam ?

Q 24.

Describe the ideas behind the Tonkin Free School. To what extent was it a typical example of colonial ideas in Vietnam ?  [CBSE 2009 (F), 2013 (O)]

Q 25.

How did the textbooks represent Vietnamese during the period of French colonization ? Explain. [CBSE 2014]

Q 26.

How was the idea of “looking modem” implemented in Tonkin Free School ? Explain.                     [CBSE 2012]

Q 27.

Write a note on Frankfurt parliament.

Q 28.

What was the role of religious groups in the development of the anti-colonial feeling in Vietnam? [CBSE March 2011]

Q 29.

Early Vietnamese nationalists had close relationship with Japan and China'. ^ Explain by giving examples.[CBSE 2013 (D)]
Describe any five features of the Go East Movement'.

Q 30.

Describe the French Revolution.

Q 31.

On what basis the female allegories were given names?

Q 32.

Describe the rise of imperialism.

Q 33.

What did Liberal Nationalism Stand for?

Q 34.

What led to the spread of conservatism in Europe and what were its impacts?

Q 35.

What was ‘Go East Movement'?  [CBSE 2008 (D), March 2011]

Q 36.

What was the impact of the Great Depression of 1929 on Vietnam ?

Q 37.

The US media and films played a major role in both supporting as well as criti ­cising the Vietnam war/ Explain.

Q 38.

Explain the impact of Vietnam War on Vietnam.

Q 39.

What is the Ho Chi Minh trail? Describe  any three points of its importance.  [CBSE Comp. (D) 2008, March 2011]

Q 40.

When did Vietnam get its Freedom ?

Q 41.

Mention any two steps which were taken by the French government to improve transportation in Vietnam.

Q 42.

What were the major barriers to economic growth in Vietnam according to Bernard ?

Q 43.

What was Hoa Hao Movement ?

Q 44.

Name a religious movement which was hostile to the Western presence in Vietnam.

Q 45.

What was the development in China- which took place in 1911 and inspired the Vietnamese nationalists ?

Q 46.

Who was the founder of Indo-Chinese Communist Party ?

Q 47.

Name any two films which were produced in USA on Vietnam War.

Q 48.

Who were Trung sisters ?

Q 49.

When did the conflict with the US end in Vietnam and how ?

Q 50.

Why was conflict started in Vietnam against French colonizers in all areas of life ? Explain.                     [CBSE 2010 (D)]
‘The French discriminated the Vietnamese in all areas of life.' Explain.