June 2011

New Downtown Brokerage Selected for Tenant Representation Management

New Downtown Brokerage was selected by both the SRO Housing Corporationand Melendrez Landscape Architects,as a consultant to assist in tenant representation broker selection and deal management in the historic area of downtown.


New Downtown Brokerage Sponsors 2011 UrbanPlan Awards

New Downtown Brokerage was one of three sponsors of  the UrbanPlan Awards Ceremony, along with Bank of America and the Los Angeles Community Development Commission (LACDC).


A program organized by the Los Angeles Urban Land Institute (ULI), UrbanPlan is an academically challenging classroom-based curriculum that gives high school and college students the chance to study the issues and economics of urban development. Students create plans and models that offer real estate-based solutions to an urban problem, which are eligible for competition.


Principal Ed Rosenthal, briefly addressed the audience at this year's event, where the award for Best Project was presented to the winning students.


March 2011

Principal Ed Rosenthal Receives "Survivor of the Year" Award from the Urban Land Institute

At the Urban Land Institute's Urban Marketplaceevent this spring, Ed Rosenthal received the "Survivor of the Year" award from the Urban Land Institute District Council. The Award was given to commemorate Mr. Rosenthal's survival in Joshua Tree and also to acknowledge his role in creating the Urban Marketplace motto : "Make a Deal, Make a Difference."




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