Test # 90

Anyone seeking ________ of life on Mars is likely to be disappointed.

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    Linocut Christmas cards

    1 Copy your design onto tracing paper using a soft pencil. Lay the paper onto an A6 linoblock with the design facing down and fix with masking tape. Rub with the back of a spoon to transfer the image. Remove the tracing paper and check that the image has transferred successfully.

    2 Youll need two cutting tools a sharp V shape for fine lines and a blunt U shape for larger areas. Hold the tool with your index finger on top and carve into the lino surface, using smooth, flowing shallow cuts. Only remove areas you want to keep white.

    3 Once you have finished cutting, squeeze a blob of printing ink onto a paper plate. Use a roller to spread out the colour, then evenly coat it. Roll over your linocut, ensuring all the areas are covered.

    4 Place the lino ink side down on your folded paper or card and press down firmly, again rubbing with the back of a spoon, to transfer your design. Lift back carefully to reveal the image and leave overnight to dry.

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