Test # 83

Did you hear the story about the woman who said she could tell the ________ ?

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    French Country Style Living Room

    Known to infuse a home with warmth and welcome, this living room style stems from the hills and valleys of rural France. Simple and serene, the French Country style is built on local traditions and consists of antique objects running from generations. The style combines an old world stirred well with an edge of sophistication. The French furnishing known for its elegance and functionality, be it their choice of royal colors in drapery or linen upholstery. Also the most famous French Windows which open up to a nice garden with irises and poppies. The French Country style is incomplete without flowers in a pottery vase & a jug of flowers which amplify the impression of country living. A nice wall to wall rug, beautifully carved wooden chairs and a table lamp by a window, constitute a perfect setting for a French Country Living Room.

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