Test # 79

Do you know the difference ________ ?

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    Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira Cundinamarca Colombia

    Catedral de Sal (Salt Cathedral) in Zipaquir , about 25 miles north of Bogot , is an underground church built in a tunnel of salt mines deep inside a salt mountain. It is built into a space left by salt mining; everything you see here is salt. As you descend into the church, you pass 14 small chapels representing the stations of the suffering of Christ. The sanctuary at the bottom has three sections, representing the birth, life, and death of Jesus. The first Salt Cathedral was consecrated in 1954, but structural problems and safety concerns led the authorities to shut down the sanctuary in 1990. The current church was built between 1991 and 1996 about 200 feet below the old sanctuary, again using caves left behind by previous mining operations.

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