Test # 55

At first I got on famously finding the right pigeonholes, checking Ted's list and putting the letters in ________ .

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    Fin Fang Foom

    The most enduringcharacter of the longgone age of monsters, Fin Fang Foom had first appeared in comic books published by Marvel Comics created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby. This kickass dragon has a list of amazing abilities, from super human strength to extreme durability, regenerating healing factor, acid mist breadth, telepathy, supersonic flight via wings, prolonged lifespan, gifted intellect and as if these werent enough, he possesses advanced alien technology too. Fin Fang Foom has fought with a number of superheroes like Iron Man, Fantastic Four et al. He ranks 99, in the IGNs list of Top 100Comic Book Villainsof All Time.

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