Test # 4

Andrew Smodley is a natural worrier. It is something he has ________ from his father the king of all worriers.

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    Studying But Not Getting The Grades How To Find And Fix Your Trouble Spot

    As with most things, students tend to sit on a spectrum. The straight A+ students are at one end, and the first prize for most number of absences are generally at the other end. This spectrum is generally directly proportionate to the number of study hours invested throughout the semester and exam study break. However, there are outliers the teens who actually DO try hard.DO their homework, DO study for exams, but dont manage to get the grades that reflect the work they have put in.
    If this sounds like you or your teen then this article is for you.Studying hard and not getting the grades you deserve is a grave injustice, and something must be done.

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