Test # 38

Charlie didn't have much in the way of property just ________ and pieces.

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    Pick the right day

    If theres a definite breeze but you dont feel bowled over, its time to head for the kite flying hills. The last thing you want to do is go out, spending hours just holding on. With a nice breeze, you can make your kite dance and soar and maybe even loops and tricks. If there are leaves on the ground and theyre being tossed around gently, thats perfect. 5 25 mph 8.0 40.2 km h is the range youre looking for. Take out a flag or a windsock and test what it does before you spend your afternoon possibly disappointed.Only fly in safe conditions that means no rain or lightning. Theres actually electricity in clouds that is attracted to wet kite lines. Ben Franklin was one foolish kite flier.

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