Test # 118

I ________ her every day and she never says hello to me.

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    Since the formidable Smilodon (better known as sabertoothed tiger) is too well known, we have decided to go for a refreshing change. Enter Xenosmilus, possibly the nastiest feline ever to have existed. The remains of this very large cat (the size of a lion or tiger, but more robust) were recently found in Florida along with the remains of many unlucky giant peccaries (similar to wild pigs) that fell prey to it. Instead of strangling prey or breaking their neck as lions do, or stabbing them as the sabertoothed tiger did, Xenosmilus acted more like a shark or a carnivorous dinosaur, biting off a huge chunk of flesh and causing massive blood loss and shock in a matter of seconds. Compared to modern day felids, a Xenosmilus kill would probably be extremely bloody; so much in fact that it would probably not be shown in Animal Planet! Since we dont know when exactly Xenosmilus became extinct, we cant tell if humans ever met this cat, or fell prey to it.

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