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I want to buy ________ laptop computer next week.

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    Cicuta virosa
    Water hemlock, cowbane.

    Key Uses:
  • Nervous system problems, such as stuttering, hiccups, sudden, strong jerks, or spasms
  • Petit mal fits, epilepsy, or violent convulsions
  • Skin disorders, often involving pustules that leave yellowish scabs, such as impetigo or eczema

    Origin : Found in swamps and wet places in Kashmir and the Arctic.

    Background : The name “cowbane” derives from the fact that grazing on the plant can transmit a potentially fatal disease to cattle.

    Preparation : The fresh root, gathered when the plant is in bloom, is chopped and macerated in alcohol.

    Remedy Profile : Cicuta has an affinity with the nervous system and is used both for nervous temperamental conditions and for physical disorders of the nervous system. It is generally given to people who behave childishly and do absurd things. They may be wild, delirious, and overexcited, or exhibit great sensitivity to sad stories and to the happiness of other people. Alternatively, they may be distrustful, despise other people, and have an aversion to society. Their memories can go blank for long periods. Classic physical symptoms associated with Cicuta focus on spasmodic effects on the nervous system, ranging from stammering and hiccups to sudden, strong jerks and spasms. Petit mal fits with long absences may be treated with the remedy, as may epilepsy or violent convulsions accompanied by facial contortions and severe backward twisting and arching of the head and neck.
    The remedy may also be used for some skin disorders, often involving pustules that leave yellowish scabs, such as eczema or impetigo. The head and face may be most affected, or the whole body may develop chronic eruptions that itch, burn, and crust. A craving for chalk may occur, as may an inability to distinguish what is edible.

    Symptoms Better : For warmth; for arching the head, neck, and spine backward; for dwelling on pain; directly after eating.

    Symptoms Worse : For cold; for being touched or jarred; during sleep; for noise; if skin symptoms are suppressed or diminished but not cured; for intestinal worms; after concussion.

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