Prepositions - On

1. On indicates location higher than something and touching it; on top of.

Pattern: on + noun
The newspaper is on the table.
Please sign your name on the dotted line.

2. On indicates an outside location.

Pattern: on + the + noun
He was standing on the corner of First Street and Maple Avenue.
Let's have a barbecue on the balcony.

Typical nouns after on the:
balcony, beach, corner, fence, field, ground, hill, horizon, lawn, patio, porch, roof, terrace

3. On indicates a surface location.

Pattern 1: on + the + noun
She rides her bicycle on the sidewalk.

Typical nouns after on the:
boardwalk, court, (baseball) diamond, field, highway, path, rink, road, rocks, screen, sidewalk, street

Pattern 2: on + 0 noun
That is the only place on earth where she feels safe.

Typical nouns after on:
earth, land, page one (or any other number), solid ground, water

4. On indicates certain inside surface locations.

Pattern: on + the + noun
There is a fly on the ceiling.

Typical nouns after on the:
ceiling, floor, stairs, steps, wall, window
first/second (or other number) floor

5. On indicates surface contact.

Pattern: verb + noun + on + noun
The child pasted the picture on the page.

Typical verbs:
glue, hold, paste, stick

6. On indicates location in a part of an area.

Pattern: be + on + the + noun + of + noun
The porch is on the side of the house.

Typical nouns after on the:
border, bottom, edge, end, exterior, inside, interior, left, outside, outskirts, first/second (or other number) page, right, side, surface, top
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