1243. Fact
According to legend, there’s a Superman in every episode of Seinfeld.

5398. Fact
The warmest temperature ever recorded on Antarctica was 3 degrees F.

9993. Fact
New Orleans' first Mardi Gras celebration was held in February, 1826.

6418. Fact
Identical twins do not have identical fingerprints.

7686. Fact
Every year, an igloo hotel is built in Sweden that has the capacity to sleep 100 people

4063. Fact
The metric system was to blame for the loss of the Mars Climate orbiter.

2954. Fact
Close to two million people who go to hospitals in the United States for one ailment wind up catching another.

6135. Fact
Approximately 10.5 gallons of water is used in a dishwasher. Washing the dishes by hand can use up to 20 gallons of water

1236. Fact
About 10% of U.S. households pay their bills in cash.

4251. Fact
Every 45 seconds, a house catches on fire in the United States.

1659. Fact
If you are bitten by a poisonous snake, and fail to receive medical attention, you still have a 50% chance of survival.

10481. Fact
The smallest fish in the world is the Trimattum Nanus of the Chagos Archipelago. It is only 0.33 long.

6894. Fact
Most boat owners name their boats. The most popular boat name is Obsession.

3853. Fact
35% of the people using personal ads for dating are already married.

3339. Fact
Jerry West was the model for the official NBA logo. His silhouette appears dribbling a basketball.

5551. Fact
The Earth's atmosphere weighs about 5.5 quadrillion tons.

10522. Fact
There is a dog museum in St. Louis, Missouri

7286. Fact
The first product that Sony came out with was the rice cooker

6610. Fact
In 2009 one of eight newly married couples in the US met online

10385. Fact
Steve Young, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, is the great-great-grandson of Mormon leader Brigham Young.

5959. Fact
If you head directly south from Detroit, the first forign country you will enter is Canada.

5118. Fact
The three-syllable word hideous, with the change of a single consonant, becomes a two-syllable word with no vowel sounds in common: hideout.

4292. Fact
The expression cooked al dente means to the tooth. What this means is that the pasta should be somewhat firm, and offer some resistance to the tooth, but should also be tender

271. Fact
A crocodiles tongue is attached to the roof of its mouth.

6003. Fact
Rhode Island is the smallest state with the longest name. The official name, used on all state documents, is "Rhode Island and Providence Plantations."

2799. Fact
Dismal first-year sales of famous products: VW Beetle (U.S.)--sold 330 first year. Liquid Paper--sold 1,200 bottles first year. Cuisinart--sold 200 first year. Remington typewriter--sold 8 first year. Scrabble--sold 532 first year. Coca-Cola--sold 25 bottles first year.

10716. Fact
The word dexterity, to do with skill is related to the right hand. The opposite of the word deter is sinister, to do with evil, it is related to the left hand

7736. Fact
The largest Great White Shark ever caught measured 37 feet and weighed 24,000 pounds. It was found in a herring weir in New Brunswick in 1930.

3768. Fact
Ten inches of snow equals one inch of rain in water content.

5679. Fact
Dolphins don't automatically breath; they have to tell themselves to.

7519. Fact
A jellyfish is 95 percent water

3584. Fact
The Greek National anthem has 158 verses.

10186. Fact
Each Jelly Belly jelly belly bean has 4 calories

3497. Fact
All the coal, oil, gas, and wood on Earth would only keep the Sun burning for a few days.

9171. Fact
Bette Midler, Barry Manilow and many other famous vocalists got their start in a New York City club called The Continental Baths.

6436. Fact
The fastest moving land snake is the Black Mamba, which can move up to 7 miles per hour

1932. Fact
More Americans have died in car accidents than have died in all the wars ever fought by the United States.

7106. Fact
One in about eight million people has progeria, a disease that causes people to grow faster than they age.

5059. Fact
At the age of 26, Michelangelo began sculpting his monumental statue of David. He finished it seventeen months later, in January, 1504.

9810. Fact
If a raisin is dropped into a glass of champagne it will bounce up and down in the glass

5582. Fact
On average, 350 squirts are needed from milking a cow to make a gallon of milk

8449. Fact
99% of the blueberries that are produced in the United States are produced in the state of Maine

2023. Fact
Of the six men who made up the Three Stooges, three of them were real brothers (Moe, Curly and Shemp.)

5655. Fact
Ginger has been clinically demonstrated to work twice as well as Dramamine for fighting motion sickness, with no side effects.

6661. Fact
Gunsmoke debuted on CBS-TV in 1955, and went on to become the longest-running (20 years) series on television.

8514. Fact
The two top toys in 1950 were Silly Putty which sold for $1, and Crayola crayons which sold for 50 cents

788. Fact
A leech can suck up as much as 2 cubic centimeters (0.12 cubic inches) of blood, but only after fasting for a year.

1873. Fact
Levi Strauss didn’t call them jeans. He called them “waist overalls”.

10451. Fact
Steve Fletcher holds the record for the largest gum wrapper collection. His collection has 5300 gum wrappers from all across the world

9974. Fact
There are no snakes in New Zealand



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