Test # journey/travel/trip

We went on a day ________ to see Stonehenge.

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    World standings

    A skater/couples world standing (WS) is calculated based on results over the current and preceding two seasons. Competitors receive points based on their final placement at an event and the events weight. The following events receive points.

    ISU Championships (World, European, Four Continents, and World Junior Championships) and Olympic Winter Games: The best result by points per season, the best two results by points over the three seasons.

    ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating and Final (senior and junior): The two best results by points per season, the best four results by points over the three seasons.

    International senior calendar competitions: The two best results by points per season, the best four results by points over the three seasons. Following the current seasons World Championships, the results from the earliest season are deleted. A new partnership starts with zero points there is no transfer of WS points if a pair or ice dancing couple split up and form a new partnership.

    These standings do not necessarily reflect a skater/couples capabilities. Due to limits on entries to events (no more than three from each country), and varying numbers of high level skaters in each country, skaters from some countries may find it more difficult to qualify to compete at major events. Thus, a skater with a lower SB but from a country with few high level skaters may qualify to a major event while a skater with a much higher SB but from a country with more than three high level skaters may not be sent. As a result, it is possible for a skater who regularly scores higher to end up with a much lower world standing.A skater/couples seasons world ranking is calculated similarly to overall world standing but is based on the results on the results of the ongoing season only.

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