Test # is/are

There ________ no time like the present.

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    The big dinner is sure an important part of this beautiful celebration, and there is a variety of traditional dishes that are prepared specifically for the Chinese New Year. Many of these dishes are served because of their meaning and association with specific energies, as well as on specific days of this long celebration. For example fish in Cantonese sounds like abundance, so there is always a fish dish at the Chinese New Year celebration. The uncut noodles symbolize long life, while the many sweet dishes are expressions of hope for sweetness in the New Year. You can look up the recipes for some of the most popular Chinese New Year dishes, such as Steamed Whole Fish,Longevity Noodles,Buddhas Delight, Jai Vegetarian Dish,Jiaozi Chinese Dumplings. The mandarin oranges are a must at the Chinese New Year table because they are a symbol of good luck, also called golden luck.

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