Test # in/on/at

He put _________ his hat

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  • Benefits of Mint Leaf

    Medicinal purposes

    The health benefits of many herbs and essential oils. Studies have shown vast and consistent results that bear up the traditional use of such natural medicines. Researchers are ever searching for the cures for what ails us, and many drugs have their origins in ethnic medicinal practices. In fact, a quarter of all pharmaceuticals contain botanicals.Peppermint essential oil has been used to treat indigestion, headaches, colic, gingivitis, irritable bowel syndrome, spasms and rheumatism. This volatile and potent essential oil has very diverse uses because of its many properties. It relaxes muscles; has antiviral and bactericidal qualities; increases stomach acidity (to aid digestion); is an analgesic and counterirritant; and is a carminative .

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