Test # holiday/holidays

The school __________ start next week.

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  • Selfie Ideas

    Consider the background of your picture

    The best selfies have more than just a face. Theres something interesting to look at in the background, too. Whether you take your selfie inside or outdoors, check around you first to see whats going on in the background. Position yourself so that youre in front of the background you want people to see.
    Nature always makes a great background. In the spring and summer, you can pose in a small wooded area or near a blossoming bush of flowers if you need a quick and easy backdrop. For fall, capture the color of the changing leaves in the background, and in winter, capture the majesty of ice and snow.
    If nature is not your thing, you could stay indoors and take a selfie in your room. Tidy things up first, though. You could also display something interesting in the background as long as it is not distracting. For instance, if you love to read, then a bookcase or stack of books would be a good backdrop. A movie poster with a lot of different people on it could be distracting, however.

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