Test # few/little

I'd like a ________ more chicken, please.

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    The First Love

    Also commonly known as ?The High School Sweetheart.? This boy is the Kevin to your Winnie. The Cory to your Topanga. The Dawson to your Joey. Sweet, innocent, idealistic?this is the stuff coming-of-age movies are made of. The First Love is probably the first boy you?ll ever kiss. (Or at least the first one you?ll kiss and feel the earth move.) He probably plays a sport and wears a letterman jacket. He?ll give you his class ring (which is too big, so you?ll proudly wrap yarn around it and wear it as badge of honor.) Some people go on to marry their first love, and the list ends here for them. Most, however?wave goodbye to him one bittersweet day as life and circumstance pulls you in two different directions and growing up comes much too soon. He?ll teach you to drive, to kiss, to LOVE, to open your heart and trust and take chances, paving the way for all the other loves still to come?and then he?ll move on.

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