Test # either/neither

I'm sorry, but I couldn't get through to __________ of them.

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    Below are the variations

  • Straight poker Five cards are dealt to each player with a round of betting after each. The best hand wins the pot.

  • 5card stud This is similar to straight poker, where you are stuck with the cards that you are dealt except, in this variation, four of the cards are dealt face up for all to see. The person with the best hand wins the pot. The dealing goes as follows: One card is dealt face down (the hole card) to each person, then one card is dealt face up to each player and there is a round of betting; there are three subsequent rounds where another card is dealt face up to all who have not folded and this is followed by a round of bets. Once the final bet is made, the hole card is revealed and the person holding the best hand takes the pot.

  • 7card stud Your goal is to make the best 5card hand possible. In 7card stud, players are given two facedown cards, then one up before the first round of betting. Another three rounds of one card face up goes to each remaining player (who has not folded) with a round of betting after each dealing. The final card goes facedown followed by the final round of betting. In stud, the cards dealt face down are called hole cards.

  • Lowball The goal is to get the hand with the lowest value.

  • Omaha Four pocket cards are dealt face down, betting ensues, and then five community cards are dealt face up. A player must make a winning hand using two of the pocket cards combined with the three community cards.

  • Pineapple Dealt three hole cards, discard one before the flop, play like Texas Holdem.

  • Crazy Pineapple Dealt three hole cards, discard one after the flop, play like Texas Holdem.

  • Cincinnati Four hole cards and four community cards with four rounds of betting.

  • Dr. Pepper Five card draw with 10s, 2s and 4s wild.

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