Test # Prepositions- Time

The results come out ________ July

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    The army of Malaysia is a funny one; holding two completely contradictory ideals at the same time. Officially, the foreign policy is Malaysia makes it obvious that they hope never to have to need to use their army, making it the most powerful army in the world that will probably never be used! Many people think this is crazy, but hear them out. Just like other countries around the world, Malaysia has chosen to be considered neutral . That means that officially, Malaysia does not have any particular ties with any other country, and cannot get dragged into a war that they don t care about. It also means that they attempt to get on peacefully with all countries. All countries in the world, regardless of location, political system, and some would argue, human rights records. However, whilst holding all of these admirable ideals, Malaysia has also never recognised Israel, arguably the strongest military in the world, as a country. Which some would consider a little rude. Instead, Malaysia is a strong believer in the State of Palestine. Whether or not you agree with them, it is hard to ignore the fact that despite their amazing global firepower potential, Malaysia is a strong peacekeeping presence in many other countries, including Lebanon, as well as other United Nations peacekeeping missions. It may not make you one of the strongest armies in the world, but it certainly helps.

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