Test # Prepositions after Adjectives

They are associated ________ our company.

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    Colorado Christian University Lakewood Colorado

    Located 10 minutes west of Denver, Colorado Christian University offers a main campus that is both scenic and modern. With a clear view of the Rocky Mountains, students at this university can enjoy an expansive main campus that is expansive, yet conducive to an active and fulfilling student lifestyle. The Lakewood main campus houses the College of Undergraduate Studies building for undergraduate students, as well as the College of Adults and Graduate Studies for post graduate and non traditional learners. While all of the buildings on main campus offer modern amenities like computer labs and comfortable classrooms, CCU is currently undergoing a renovation process to add new buildings to campus to meet the demands of the growing student body. As with existing buildings already on campus, the new buildings will be made out of attractive and sturdy materials like brick, limestone, and concrete. The university recently met its fundraising goal for the ongoing construction.

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