Test # Phrasal Verbs - Talk

She thinks she's so important and always talks ________ to the workers

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    Just west of Amarillo, Texas, 10 sets of graffiti covered tail fins stand as a tribute to the American dream. The art installation, known as Cadillac Ranch, features 10 classic cars, half buried nose first at the same angle as the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Although originally intended as a temporary display, the monument developed by millionaire Stanley Marsh III and an architect trio from a group known as the Ant Farm has been an iconic tourist attraction in the Lone Star States panhandle since 1974. In 1997, however, the cars were unearthed from their original location and moved two miles west to escape city growth. Now located in a cow pasture not far from the I 40 and the historic Route 66, visitors are encouraged to visit, spray paint in hand, to tag the cars.

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