Test # Passive

My wallet was stolen

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  • Easy Tricks To Do Professional Makeup

    Proper Contouring

    When applied right, contouring can define your cheekbones and jaw line, reduce the look of a double chin, minimize a larger nose, and lift sagging eyes. Its basically using makeup to highlight and accentuate your features. This is especially important for photos, as the camera tends to pick up shadows and highlights better than the naked eye.There are actual contouring and highlighting powders made just for this, but you can also use a bronzer or powder that is a few shades darker than your skin, and a foundation that is a few shades lighter for highlighting. For the most part, your tzone and under eye area is where you want to highlight, and the outer portion of your face, underneath your cheekbones, and your neck is where you want to define with a darker color. Keep in mind, blending is key for a natural look. This may take some practice at first.

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