Test # Homophones

It's not much ________ to go.

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  • Rules to play Darts

    The game

    There are many different variations on the game of darts, but the most well known is 501. Each player is given a score of 501 points before they start. The aim is to bring their score down to zero in as few visits to the Oche as possible. Each player throws their three darts in turn attempting to get the largest score possible. The highest score a player can get in a single visit to the oche is 180, this is done by hitting the triple twenty three times in a row. A player wins by throwing a dart into the double score area that will leave them exactly on zero. If they go past this into minus points or fail to hit a double with their last dart they go bust, and must wait for their next turn to try again. Enjoy playing darts!

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