Test # Conditionals

________ you retire if you won the lottery?

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  • How to Improve English

    Surround yourself with English speakers

    If you have a few friends who are great at speaking English, hang out with them! Invite them over to dinner! So, your home becomes an English hub. Find a tutor to do some one on one with. Do a language exchange, where you can teach them your language and they can teach you theirs. Immerse yourself in it as much as you can! What it boils down to is that you must avoid your native language as much as possible. It s tempting to get home from work and sit down, turn on your TV, and revert back to your native tongue with those you live with. Don t do it! Set time aside to speak English every night, even if it s just for an hour. Keep the TV to English, keep the radio to English, keep everything to English as much as possible.

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