Test # Antonyms and Synonyms

'Wonderful'and 'terrific'are ________

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  • Precautions while using Pesticides


    Pesticides are made from both conventional (synthetic) and naturally occurring (biochemical) active ingredients. For example, the lawn care product 2,4 D is synthetic, while a pesticide with the active ingredient of acetic acid, like found in vinegar, is biochemical. A homeowner, pet owner, farmer or golf course operator may use the same pesticide ingredients, but each product is designed specifically for an intended use. Health Canada assesses all of the ingredients, determines label directions for each product, and registers only those products that will not harm human health or the environment. If you choose to use a pesticide in or around your home, you are responsible for its proper use. This includes being familiar with safe handling and application procedures, the precautions described on the label, and how to dispose of pesticides properly.

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