Test # Adjectives - positive


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    Juan Manuel Lopez

    Featherweight 30 0 (27) Last Year s Ranking: 29 Status Report: Bob Arum s latest Puerto Rican star convinced Rafael Marquez to quit in one of the year s best slugfests (KO 8) topping off a fine year indeed for JuanMa. His victories over the very good Steven Lueveno (KO 7) and Bernabe Concepcion (KO 2) were not without anxious moments here or there, but this is an exceptionally talented kid just vulnerable enough to keep us on the edge of our seats. Future: Lopez is scheduled to defend his belt on April 16 in Puerto Rico, probably against Philadelphia prospect Teon Kennedy, but the fight everyone hopes happens in 2011 is a showdown with Yurorkis Gamboa. The reality: not until Arum is good and god damned ready.

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