Test # 551 [03-Jan-2018]

In which month is observed National Road Safety Week?

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Invention : wheel
Year : about 3500 bc
Inventor : proto-aryan people or sumerians
Country : russia/kazakhstan or mesopotamia.      .. More >>

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    Onam Decoration Ideas

  • Flowers play a prominent part during the harvest festival of Onam. Apart from pookkalam the floral carpet laid on verandah, during Onam, people decorate their home with flowers.
  • For the festival, you may choose beautiful flower garlands made of marigold or jasmine. Clad the photo frames of deities with jasmine garlands. Put up a beautiful garlands of marigold, at the main door of your home.
  • Place a beautiful flower vase at the center table of your living room. Add some fresh cut flowers to the vase, so that it makes a beautiful and aromatic centerpiece. Do not forget to change the flowers daily.
  • For your dining table, you may place a beautiful centerpiece, such as, a fruit basket. Include some varieties of bananas in the basket, so that your guests can relish on the fruit after having the sumptuous Onam feast.
  • Remove the old table cloth and mats and replace them with the new or laundered ones. If you want to decorate your home as per a theme, then you may choose the floral theme for your interiors, because it is best suited for the harvest festival.
  • The bedroom decor may vary from person to person, depending upon the personal needs. Nonetheless, it is suggested that you should make your bedroom airy and well ventilated. You may place some throw pillows in you bed. Do not forget to change the bedspread!
  • Add wind chime at every dividing part of your home. For instance, at the divider of your living room and dining room, place a beautiful wind chime.
  • Curtains chosen for your room should be airy. Choose a light fabric for the curtains. Cotton would be the best bet. You may opt for pastel colors such as shades of green and blue or off whites, whites or shades of yellow for the walls.

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