661. Fact
Every year, more people get killed by donkeys than by plane crashes.

662. Fact
You need 150,000 saffron crocuses to get two pounds of saffron.

663. Fact
The sperm whale has the largest brain of all animals in the world. It weighs 20 pounds.

664. Fact
Frogs never drink water. They get all the fluid they need by living in a wet and moist environment.

665. Fact
The largest concentration of animals ever observed was a huge swarm of grasshoppers in 1879. The swarm was the size of germany and contained more than 12,500 billion insects that together weighed about 55,000 billion pounds.

666. Fact
In relation to their size, bugs that belong to the species scarabeidae are the strongest animals in the world. When tests were done on the quite rare oryctes nasicornis, also known as "rhinoceros beetle", it was found that it could carry 850 times its own weight on its back.

667. Fact
A strange fashion color was created by the sovereign queen isabella, the daughter of filip ii of spain. In 1601, she swore not to change her underwear until the city of oostende was taken. Unfortunately, the occupation lasted for three years so isabella's underwear got the beige colour that today is known as isabella colored.

668. Fact
Dental enamel is the strongest material your body produces.

669. Fact
When charlie chaplin became famous for his movies, a lot of people started to dress and act like him. Even charlie chaplin look-a-like contests were held. Charlie participated in one himself - and won third place.

670. Fact
A starfish has very bad table manners. It turns its stomach inside out, by forcing it out through its mouth and over its prey.

671. Fact
The "black box" everyone is looking for after a plane crash is not black - it's orange, making it easier to find. Besides, there's not only one box, but two. One is used for recording all conversations and sounds in the cockpit and the other to save all data from the flight.

672. Fact
When you take a nap for an hour you burn as much energy as it takes to boil water for seven cups of tea.

673. Fact
The shortest war in world history was fought between great britain and zanzibar, the 27th of august, 1896. It lasted only 38 minutes.

674. Fact
If your heart muscle was required to work filling beer bottles in a brewery, it would be able to fill 1,600 crates of beer daily with 30 bottles each. And it would work, without requiring any repairs, for 70 years.

675. Fact
If you multiply the number of inhabitants in the usa by 2, you'll get the number of credit cards used in that country.

676. Fact
Adolf hitler had only one testicle.

677. Fact
A five-month-old fetus has more hair on its back than an adult gorilla.

678. Fact
Not so long ago, when a prisoner escaped from the alamos prison in mexico, the responsible guard was sentenced to serving the remaining time on the prisoner's sentence.

679. Fact
Air force pilots have more daughters (determined by the x-chromosome) than sons (determined by the y-chromosome) because the x-chromosome tolerates the more stressful effects of gravity better than the y-chromosome does.

680. Fact
On average, a human being has eighteen blemishes on his or her body.

681. Fact
A vulture's stomach is so acidic that it can dissolve a nail after just a couple of hours.

682. Fact
For each human being on earth, there are more than half a million insects.

683. Fact
One single tree can be home to 20 million lice.

684. Fact
Sperm are created in the male testicles. The testicles are constructed so they build pipe-formed structures. In every testicle these pipes are more than 400 yards long.

685. Fact
A single thread in a spider's web is as strong as a steel cable of the same size.

686. Fact
The division of blood groups varies between different people in different countries. The only group of people who have the same blood group are american natives - 0.

687. Fact
In india, where hinduism is the major religion, they worship over 300 million gods. Almost every little village has its own local god.

688. Fact
Every single second, your marrow produces about 3 million red blood corpuscles. During that time, the same amount die. The daily production is more than 200 billion corpsucles.

689. Fact
On average, there are 94 girls born for every 100 boys, but among quadruplets, 156 girls are born for every 100 boys.

690. Fact
It has been proven that taller people score better on intelligence tests.

691. Fact
About 1,000 down feathers can be pressed into a thimble. Once removed, they will soon regain their original volume.

692. Fact
The first nose transplants were performed in india as early as 750 b.c. the noses were taken from unfaithful wives.

693. Fact
The acidity in the human stomach is so strong that it has to be diluted about 400 times to reach the same grade of sourness as coca-cola.

694. Fact
Radium-224 is the most poisonous element in the world. This naturally occurring isotope is 17,000 times more poisonous than plutonium-239.

695. Fact
When ian fleming wrote his first book casino royale, he got the name james bond from a writer of a book about caribbean birds.

696. Fact
Mel blanc, the man who gave voice to bugs bunny, was allergic to carrots.

697. Fact
Bulletproof vests, fire ladders, windshield wipers and laser printers were all invented by women.

698. Fact
The three wise men were named caspar, melchior and balthazar.

699. Fact
Thieves often listen at doors and in some cases this has gotten them convicted. The police are not only interested in fingerprints but ear prints as well, which are unique for every human being.

700. Fact
In india, more than 140 main languages are spoken with 845 accents.

701. Fact
New species can be found in the strangest places. A new ant specie was found in a flower pot on the sixteenth floor of a german office building.

702. Fact
51,000 people can fit onto a football field if they stand really close together.

703. Fact
If you are afraid of animals in general, you suffer from zoophobia.

704. Fact
The cape of good hope is not the most southern part of africa. It is cap agulha, which is located about 90 miles south-east of the cape of good hope.

705. Fact
On average every year, you will consume 12 pubic hairs while eating in restaurants.

706. Fact
The national anthem of the european union (eu) is an der freude from the ninth symphony by ludvig von beethoven.

707. Fact
John wilkes booth, the man who shot abraham lincoln, the 16th president of the usa, was an actor.

708. Fact
One of the elements in dynamite is peanuts.

709. Fact
The five different colored rings, on the olympic flag, symbolize the union of the five continents and that the olymic games shall be a meeting place for athletes from around the world. At least one color of each ring can be found on every world flag.

710. Fact
Sean connery, the first james bond, won the mr. Universe contest before he became an actor.



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