6001. Fact
From all the vegetables, beets contain the most sugar

6002. Fact
The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers founded in 1744, is the world's oldest golf club.

6003. Fact
Rhode Island is the smallest state with the longest name. The official name, used on all state documents, is "Rhode Island and Providence Plantations."

6004. Fact
In South Carolina you can be fined for not denouncing the evils of intemperance on the fourth Friday of every October.

6005. Animal Facts
Rats have super-strong teeth.Amongst other things, they can bite through wood, metal and electric cables.

6006. Fact
Hills Brothers Ground Vacuum Packed Coffee was first introduced in 1900.

6007. Fact
The steepest street in the world is Baldwin Street located in Dunedin, New Zealand. It has an incline of 38%

6008. Fact
78 rpm albums, used prior to 1948, were only capable of recording for four minutes. It wasn't until later that year that Columbia Records introduced 33 rpm albums capable of playing 23 minutes per side.

6009. Fact
If Texas were a country it's GNP would be fifth largest of any country on earth.

6010. Fact
Happy Birthday was the first song to be performed in outer space, sung by the Apollo IX astronauts on March 8, 1969.

6011. Fact
61% of men surf the internet for porn, and about half of them spend an hour or more per week doing it.

6012. Fact
In the U.S. there are approximately 65.8 million cats

6013. Fact
The city of Denver was originally chosen to host the 1976 Winter Olympics, but had to withdraw because Colorado voters rejected to finance it

6014. Fact
When the female grasshopper lays eggs, she covers her eggs with a pasty liquid that protects the eggs throughout the winter

6015. Fact
The average elephant weighs less than the average blue whale's tongue

6016. Fact
The average human produces 10,000 gallons of saliva in a life time.

6017. Fact
The California redwood coast redwood and giant sequoia are the tallest and largest living organisms in the world.

6018. Fact
You can't kill yourself by holding your breath.

6019. Fact
Johnson & Johnson created the Band-Aid in 1899 because Robert Wood Johnson attended a lecture concerning the prevention of infection in wounds during surgical operations. The company created the zinc oxide adhesive bandage for surgeons, and launched the consumer version, Band-Aids, in 1921.

6020. Fact
An 'aglet'is the plastic or metal tip of a shoelace.

6021. Fact
There are no living descendents of William Shakespeare.

6022. Fact
The incidents of immune system diseases has increased over 200% in the last five years

6023. Fact
The Beatles song Dear Prudence was written about Mia Farrow's sister, Prudence, when she wouldn't come out and play with Mia and the Beatles at a religious retreat in India.

6024. Fact
Pamela Lee-Anderson is Canada's Centennial Baby, being the first baby born on the centennial anniversary of Canada's independence.

6025. Fact
There are coffee flavored PEZ

6026. Fact
There are at least six universal facial expressions. They are: happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, anger and surprise

6027. Fact
Honeybees never sleep

6028. Fact
Back in the mid to late 80s, an IBM compatible computer wasn't considered 100% compatible unless it could run Microsoft's Flight Simulator.

6029. Fact
In Erwin, Tennessee an elephant was once hanged for murder.

6030. Fact
In 1977, George Willig was fined $1.10 for climbing the World Trade Center building.

6031. Fact
The Chinese were using aluminum to make things as early as 300 AD Western civilization didn't rediscover aluminum until 1827.

6032. Fact
The only President in office to weigh less than 100 pounds was James Madison.

6033. Fact
Reindeer like to eat bananas

6034. Fact
Lab tests can detect traces of alcohol in urine six to 12 hours after a person has stopped drinking.

6035. Animal Facts
A rat can fall from a five-storey building and walk away unharmed.

6036. Fact
Beluga whales which are also called white whales are not born white. They are born grey in color, and by the age of six become completely white

6037. Fact
There are 2,320 Navy SEALs.

6038. Fact
Napoleon made his battle plans in a sandbox.

6039. Fact
Before the merger with MGM in 1981, eight of the top ten movies released by United Artists were James Bond films.

6040. Fact
The Empire State Building in New York City weighs approximately 365,000 tons.

6041. Fact
Dall's porpoise never sleeps, elephants sleep two hours a day, horses nap standing up, and Sitatunga antelopes can sleep submerged

6042. Fact
Pine, spruce, or other evergreen wood should never be used in barbecues. These woods, when burning or smoking, can add harmful tar and resins to the food. Only hardwoods should be used for smoking and grilling, such as oak, pecan, hickory, maple, cherry, alder, apple, or mesquite, depending on the type of meat being cooked.

6043. Fact
During the Gold Rush in 1849, some people paid as much as $100 for a glass of water.

6044. Fact
Stamp collecting is the most popular hobby in the world.

6045. Fact
Some octopuses have been known to eat their arms off when they are exposed to stressful situations

6046. Fact
In New Hampshire it is illegal to inhale bus fumes with the intent of inducing euphoria.

6047. Fact
Hair and nails do not continue to grow after death. The skin recedes, making it appear to grow.

6048. Fact
The Statue of Liberty's mouth is 3 feet wide.

6049. Fact
The height of the Eiffel Tower in France varies, depending on the temperature, by as much as 6 inches.

6050. Fact
In the Pacific Islands when people get burns they often use a banana leaf as treatment



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    Future of bullet train

    The Future of Train Travel Life in Hyper Speed
    Japan, inventor of the world?s first bullet train, recently unveiled plans for an even faster and more radical train model a floating train, powered by magnets, that will travel 100 mph faster than current bullet trains (about 300 mph). The maglev train, standing for ?magnetic levitation,? will run between Tokyo and Osaka, an estimated distance of 315 miles, cost $64 billion, and be completed by 2045.High speed rail has already revolutionized national and international transportation in many parts of the world for example, China has a maglev that already goes 270mph and now high-speed is transitioning into hyper speed. Last year, we reported that Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and co-founder of both PayPal and Tesla Motors, shared with the public his desire to patent a new mode of transportation the ?Hyperloop? that would get passengers from San Francisco to LA in only 30 minutes.

    The ?Hyperloop? would, according to Musk, ?never crash, be immune to weather, go twice as fast as an airplane, four times as fast as a bullet train, and to top it off run completely on solar power.? While this sounds like a too good to be true idea straight out of a science fiction novel, our friends at Business Insider believe that there?s no reason the Hyperloop couldn?t become reality with enough political and financial backing but that?s quite the caveat.In fact, magnetic levitation technology in trains has been tossed around in the scientific community and even proposed as an alternative to air travel for decades.
    In 1972, physicist R.M. Salter detailed an underground tube system that could transport people from Los Angeles to New York City in a mind boggling 21 minutes. The Very High Speed Transit System would consist of ?electromagnetically levitated and propelled cars in an evacuated tunnel? underground that would function as a sealed vacuum and zip back and forth across the country at about 14,000 miles per hour.

    So although the likelihood that hyper speed could soon become the new means of travel sounds unlikely, it still offers lots for the imagination. High-speed and hyper speed rail has the very real capability of bringing cities together like never before. What?s more, it would necessitate a whole new kind of infrastructure to support it. What would such a hyper-speed station look like? How would it affect other types of transportation, or change the face of our cities? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

    This article lists planned or proposed high-speed rail projects, arranged by country. Although many nations have done preliminary feasibility studies, many lines are eventually shelved or postponed due to high cost, and only a few nations of those proposing are actively building high speed rail lines. Planned or proposed lines are therefore separated here from lines that are under construction, some nations having both. High speed rail is public transport by rail at speeds in excess of 200 km/h (125 mph).

    As Narendra Modi spoke of bullet trains, he ignited the imagination of a billion plus country and brought the subject of high speed trains to the centre of discussions. High speed railways (HSR) is a type of rail transport that operates significantly faster (200-300kmh) than the traditional rail traffic. The first such system began its operations in Japan in 1964 and was widely known as the bullet train. In India, the subject was first brought into discussion in late 80's However budget constraints and feasibility had put the idea in cold storage. High speed trains are indeed a costly affair with the cost to lay each km coming to more than 100 crores. At such a cost even to start building a nominal network of 400-500 KMs between some of the proposed corridors will cost a bomb. And it is not just India where it has been perceived to be costly across the globe even in a resourceful country like the US there are debates about its sustainability.
    However in recent years there has been a lot of research that has gone into the feasibility and sustainability aspect of HSRs. In one such report ?high speed rail and sustainability? by UIC(the International Union of Railways) done to find out the feasibility and sustainability of these rails in California, USA, many interesting findings in favour of high speed rails have emerged. Some of them are as relevant to India as it is for the United States.

    Chourishi Systems