501. Fact
Alfred hitchcock made it a gimmick by having a cameo in his own movies for a few seconds. However, in 25 of his movies you can't see him.

502. Fact
A rat's teeth grow about 6 inches in a year.

503. Fact
Adolf hitler was born in austria but moved to germany to avoid being called for military service.

504. Fact
The japanese national anthem is the oldest anthem in the world.

505. Fact
A crocodile can't stick its tongue out.

506. Fact
During an ordinary day, your hand will indirectly come in contact with 15 penises.

507. Fact
Stevie wonder made his record debut when he was just 12 years old.

508. Fact
Holland and the netherlands are not one in the same. Since the 16th century, the name of the nation has been the netherlands. Holland consists of two provinces that together only cover one sixth of the area of the netherlands.

509. Fact
A cow burps every 40 seconds.

510. Fact
Before they changed their names, demi moore was called demetria guynes, and walther matthau was called walter matushanskatasky.

511. Fact
The average age for a porsche owner is 49 while that of a harley davidson owner is 52.

512. Fact
The australian aboriginals have more teeth than any other human being.

513. Fact
The average man will have about 7,200 orgasms in a lifetime.

514. Fact
The average speed of a man's orgasm is 28 mph.

515. Fact
Whales have no vocal cords.

516. Fact
Only 55% of all americans know that the sun is a star.

517. Fact
James dean's real name was james byron, and whoopi goldberg was born caryn johnson.

518. Fact
The odds of dying while falling out of bed are 1 in 2 million.

519. Fact
On average, every person will swallow three spiders each year.

520. Fact
When einstein was nine years old, he could not speak properly. His parents suspected that he was mentally retarded.

521. Fact
Most collect calls are made on father's day.

522. Fact
George washington grew marijuana in his garden.

523. Fact
If you spend one hour in a public swimming pool, you will come in contact with about 50 ounces of urine.

524. Fact
More than 110 billion tampons have been sold since 1936.

525. Fact
If you are extremely afraid of men, you may be suffering from androphobia.

526. Fact
In one year, you will swallow 14 bugs in your sleep.

527. Fact
Each year you will shake hands with 11 women who have recently masturbated without washing their hands afterwards.

528. Fact
During your lifetime, 22 contracted workers (carpenters, electricians, etc.) Will have snooped through the contents of your laundry hamper.

529. Fact
Every day, you inhale about 61 cubic inches of other peoples' farts.

530. Fact
A rat can live longer without water than a camel can.

531. Fact
The most common name in the world is mohammed.

532. Fact
The average man eats 110,000 pounds of food during his lifetime.

533. Fact
Most people fall asleep within 7 minutes.

534. Fact
During a space trip, it was discovered that frogs are able to throw up. First, the frog will throw up its stomach, so that it hangs out of its mouth. Next, with its front legs, the frog will remove the stomach contents. When finished, it swallows the stomach putting it back in place.

535. Fact
The human body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap and enough iron to make one seven inch nail.

536. Fact
26 astronauts have reported seeing ufos while circling the earth.

537. Fact
Your brain uses 10 times more oxygen than the rest of your body.

538. Fact
A caucasian male's right testicle weighs twice as much as that of an asian male's which averages 0.35 ounces.

539. Fact
The bat is the only mammal that can fly.

540. Fact
Lord nelson was missing two body parts - one leg and one eye.

541. Fact
The "big kahuna burger" was not only eaten in pulp fiction. It was also consumed in two of quentin tarantino's other movies, from dusk till dawn and reservoir dogs.

542. Fact
Some hens produce green eggs.

543. Fact
There are no fish in the dead sea.

544. Fact
It was pasta that brought forth the invention of the dinner fork. For hundreds of years, people in naples ate their macaroni with their fingers. However, it was considered bad manners for royalty to eat this way while wearing golden knit silk dresses in the royal court. King ferdinand of spain welcomed the invention of the fork as it supported his fondness for macaroni.

545. Fact
The war between england and france, called "the hundred year war" went on between 1337 and 1453, which means that it actually lasted for 116 years!

546. Fact
Vincent van gogh and paul gauguin shared a studio for nine weeks. The two artists often had fights with each other and, during a mad moment, van gogh cut off a piece of his own left ear.

547. Fact
If you suffer from onomatophobia, you are enormously scared of hearing certain names or words.

548. Fact
Recycling is very popular in the movie industry. For example, the set from the axis chemical industry in batman were remains previously used in the classic movie alien. Rooftop scenery and buildings in the matrix were used a year earlier in dark city.

549. Fact
The longest escalator in the world can be found in st. Petersburg, russia - 729 steps bring the traveller more than 64.5 yards (193.5 feet) up or down.

550. Fact
Some plants in the mistletoe family employ an unusual method for spreading their seeds. When ready, the plant explodes and shoots its seeds off in all directions at a speed of 30 mph.



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