2001. Fact
No one knows how many people died during the sinking of the Titanic.

2002. Fact
No one knows where Mozart is buried.

2003. Fact
No patent can ever be taken out on a gambling machine in the United States.

2004. Fact
No president of the United States was an only child.

2005. Fact
No wonder they grunt: Most of a hog's sweat glands are in its snout.

2006. Fact
No word in the English language rhymes with month

2007. Fact
No word in the English language rhymes with month.

2008. Fact
No words in the English language rhyme with month, orange, silver, or purple.

2009. Fact
No words in the English language rhyme with orange, silver or purple.

2010. Fact
Nobody is quite sure how big Pluto is, what kind of atmosphere it has, or what it is made of!

2011. Fact
Non-dairy creamer is flammable.

2012. Body Facts
Anne Boleyn, one of King Henry VIII's six wives, had six fingers on each hand and an extra nipple.This was claimed to be evidence of witchcraft and was used in her trial when Henry had her executed in 1536.

2013. Fact
None of the Beatles knew how to read music. (Paul McCartney eventually taught himself.)

2014. Fact
November 29 is National Sinky day; a day to eat over one's sink and worship it

2015. Fact
Nutmeg is extremely poisonous if injected intraveinously

2016. Fact
Nutmeg is extremely poisonous if injected intravenoulsly. (who would try to inject nutmeg?)

2017. Fact
Nutmeg is extremely poisonous if injected intravenously.

2018. Body Facts
The acid in your stomach is so strong that it can dissolve steel razor blades it's still not a good idea to eat them, though!

2019. Fact
nycrophobia is the fear of dakness

2020. Fact
Nylon is made from coal and petroleum.

2021. Fact
Oak trees are struck by lightning more than any other tree.

2022. Fact
Oak trees do not have acorns until they are fifty years old or older.

2023. Fact
Of the six men who made up the Three Stooges, three of them were real brothers (Moe, Curly and Shemp.)

2024. Fact
Of the six men who made up the Three Stooges, three of them were real brothers (Moe, Curly, and Shemp).

2025. Fact
Of the six men who made up the Three Stooges, three of them were real brothers. (Moe, Curly and Shemp)

2026. Fact
Ohio is listed as the 17th state in the U.S., but technically it is number 47. Until August 7, 1953, congress forgot to vote on a resolution to admit Ohio to the Union.

2027. Fact
Oil tycoon, John D. Rockefeller, was the world's first billionaire.

2028. Fact
On a Canadian two dollar bill, the flag flying over the Parliament Building is an American flag.

2029. Body Facts
Egyptian mummies that have been dead for 3,000 years still have their fingerprints intact.

2030. Fact
On an American one-dollar bill, there is an owl in the upper left-hand corner of the "1" encased in the "shield" and a spider hidden in the front upper right-hand corner.

2031. Fact
On average cows poop 16 times per day.

2032. Fact
On average everyone farts once per hour.

2033. Fact
On average, Elizabeth Taylor remarries every 4 years, 5 months.

2034. Fact
On average, it takes 660 days from conception for an elephant to give birth.

2035. Fact
On average, men can read smaller print than women, but women can hear better.

2036. Fact
On average, the life span of an American dollar bill is eighteen months.

2037. Fact
On average, you produce 200g of poo per day.

2038. Fact
On July 31, 1994, Simon Sang Sung of Singapore turned a single piece of dough into 8,192 noodles in 59.29 seconds!

2039. Fact
On some Caribbean islands, the oysters can climb trees.

2040. Fact
On Sunday, it is illegal to sell cornflakes in Columbus, Ohio.

2041. Fact
On the cartoon show 'The Jetsons', Jane is 33 years old and her daughter Judy is 15.

2042. Fact
On the new hundred dollar bill the time on the clock tower of Independence Hall is 4:10.

2043. Fact
One 75-watt bulb gives more light than three 25-watt bulbs.

2044. Bharat Ratna
Bharat Ratna : pandit bhimsen joshi
hindustani classical vocalist
Year : 2008
Region : karnataka.

2045. Fact
One can see the stars during the day from the bottom of a well.

2046. Fact
One gallon of used motor oil can ruin approximately one million gallons of fresh water.

2047. Fact
One in 500 humans has one blue eye and one brown eye.

2048. Fact
One in eight Americans is considered poor, but one home in six has at least three cars or trucks.

2049. Bharat Ratna
Bharat Ratna : ustad bismillah khan
classical shehnai maestro
Year : 2001
Region : bihar.

2050. Fact
One in three male motorists picks their nose while driving.



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