12501. Food Facts
Worms steamed whole in a jelly are a tasty treat in China.

12502. Food Facts
In Vietnam, cobra hearts are a common snack. They can be eaten raw, even still beating, with a small glass of cobra blood or dropped into a glass of rice wine. The kidney is often included as an extra titbit.

12503. Food Facts
The oldest surviving piece of chewing gum is 9,000 years old.

12504. Food Facts
Eel skin is so hard to remove that some people pull it off with pliers.

12505. Food Facts
Camels' feet are cooked in a light stock and served with vinaigrette. Only the feet of young camels are considered tasty.

12506. Food Facts
Camel feet can also be cooked in camel milk.

12507. Food Facts
The Scottish dish haggis is made by cutting up the heart, lungs, liver and small intestine of a calf or sheep and cooking it with suet, oatmeal, onions and herbs in the animal's stomach.

12508. Food Facts
Australian aborigines like to eat witchetty grubs – the larvae of the ghost moth – raw and wriggling. Or they can be barbecued on wire for a couple of minutes, like a kebab.

12509. Food Facts
The original recipe for baked beans included bear fat and maple syrup.

12510. Food Facts
A restaurant in England recently offered snail porridge on its menu.

12511. Food Facts
In China, sharks' fin soup is made from the salted, sun-dried fins of sharks. It is like a bowl of glue, as the fin contains a lot of gelatine.

12512. Food Facts
People in ancient China ate mice as a delicacy.

12513. Food Facts
Roman feasts sometimes included the popular delicacy flamingo tongues.

12514. Food Facts
In the Faroe Islands, a favourite dish is puffin stuffed with rhubarb.

12515. Food Facts
In China, eggs are buried underground until they go exceptionally bad and are then sold and eaten as ‘hundredyear- old' eggs. In fact, they are about two years old. The yolks turn green and the whites turn grey or black.

12516. Food Facts
For his last meal, murderer Victor Feguer chose a single olive.

12517. Food Facts
The Air Force Survival Manual issued to US airmen explains which bugs to eat in an emergency for maximum taste and nutrition.

12518. Food Facts
The last meal of Oklahoma Bomber Timothy McVeigh was almost a litre (2 pints) of mint choc-chip ice-cream.

12519. Food Facts
Honey found in ancient Egyptian tombs has been tasted by archaeologists and found to be edible still, after thousands of years.

12520. Food Facts
If you eat too many carrots, you will turn orange.

12521. Food Facts
Fried crickets are a favourite food in China.

12522. Food Facts
The Japanese make natto by leaving soy beans to rot in straw until slimy and sticky – and very smelly.

12523. Food Facts
Some Amazonian people eat omelettes made from tarantula eggs.

12524. Food Facts
Iowa State University's Department of Entomology has published recipes for cooking with insects, including banana worm bread, crackers and cheese dip with candied crickets and mealworm fried rice.

12525. Food Facts
Australian supermarkets sell tins of witchetty grub soup.

12526. Food Facts
In France, over 40,000 metric tons (88 million pounds) of snails are consumed every year.

12527. Food Facts
Mealworms are supposed to taste better if cooked while still alive.

12528. Food Facts
Blood soup is popular in many parts of the world. In Poland, people eat a duck blood soup called czarnina; in Korea, pig blood curd soup is called seonjiguk; and in the Philippines people eat a pig blood stew called dinuguan.

12529. Food Facts
Sea slug is eaten in China and Spain. It's often sold dried and has to be soaked to restore it to its slimy, squishy glory.

12530. Food Facts
Water cockroaches are roasted and eaten in China – leave the wings and legs.

12531. Food Facts
When a pig is roasted in Cuba, the skull is cracked open and each guest takes a spoon to share scoops of brain.

12532. Food Facts
In Mexico, a black fungus which infects maize is canned and sold. It looks like black slime with a few yellow lumps in.

12533. Food Facts
Sun-dried maggots have been eaten from China to North America.

12534. Food Facts
Central American wedding feasts often included honeyed ants.

12535. Food Facts
In 1973, a Swedish sweets salesman was buried in a coffin made of chocolate.

12536. Food Facts
In Ghana, half of the locally produced meat comes from rats.

12537. Food Facts
In China, people get their own back on poisonous scorpions by frying them.They are said to taste rather like cashew nuts.

12538. Food Facts
Oysters are always eaten raw – alive – in the UK and USA.

12539. Food Facts
In Cambodia, giant grilled spiders are a popular street snack.

12540. Food Facts
The Korean delicacy sannakji consists of still-wriggling slices of octopus tentacle.

12541. Food Facts
In the Philippines, fertilized duck or chicken eggs are cooked and eaten – with the unhatched chick partly grown inside. It's called balut, in case you want to avoid it on the menu.

12542. Food Facts
An American delicacy called headcheese, similar to British brawn, is made by cooking a whole cow or pig head into a mush and letting it cool into a jelly-like mass.

12543. Food Facts
Delicacies enjoyed in Iceland include puffin and svie – singed and boiled sheep's head.

12544. Food Facts
Until 1999, it was legal to enjoy ortolan in France – a tiny, rare, song bird, fattened in a dark box to three times it normal size then drowned in brandy and spit roasted for a few minutes before being eaten whole, innards included. (It was OK to leave the head and beak.) Traditionally, it was eaten with a napkin draped over your head and the plate so that none of the delicious smell could escape.

12545. Food Facts
In Finland, people cook blood pancakes.

12546. Food Facts
Native Alaskan Indians bury salmon eggs in a jar for ninety days and eat them when they are truly rotten.

12547. Food Facts
Kakambian, from the Philippines, is made of diced goat – skin, hair, fat and meat all mixed together.

12548. Food Facts
At the winter festival of Thorrablot, Icelanders eat hákarl – rotten shark. Shark meat is buried in the ground for six to eight weeks then dried in the open air for two months.

12549. Food Facts
In Mongolia, camel or horse milk is stored in a cleaned horse stomach or hide bag and hung up in the ger (tent). Everyone who passes the door has to stir or hit the bag. It slowly ferments into a slightly alcoholic, cheesy, yoghurt drink which everyone drinks, even children.

12550. Food Facts
In some parts of Asia, monkey brains are a delicacy – but it's a myth that they are eaten from the head while the monkey is still alive.



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