5411. Fact
Townsend Speakman of Philadelphia mixed fruit flavor with soda water in 1807, creating the first flavored soda pop, he called it Nephite Julep.

9826. Fact
Americans eat approximately 20 pounds of pasta per person each year

6431. Fact
The largest ship in the world is the French oil tanker that is nearly 415 meters. long, almost as long as Sydney harbour bridge.

5408. Fact
A father sea catfish keeps the eggs of his young in his mouth until they are ready to hatch. He will not eat until his young are born, which may take several weeks.

3127. Fact
Ancient Egyptians used to think having facial hair was an indication of personal neglect

10. Fact
80% of the brain is water.

7115. Fact
Tarantulas can live up to 30 years

1209. Fact
A rat can go without water longer than a camel can.

8301. Fact
Canola oil is actually rapeseed oil but the name was changed for marketing reasons.

3709. Fact
Montana mountain goats will butt heads so hard their hooves fall off.

3036. Fact
Half of the 42 U.S. Presidents are of Irish descent

4352. Fact
The oldest actor to win a Best Actor Oscar is Henry Fonda. He was 76 when he won it

1248. Fact
According to U.S. laws, a beer commercial can never show a person actually drinking beer.

6341. Fact
Giant Panda Bears give birth to a 4 ounce Baby Panda.

2809. Fact
Everyone thought Albert Einstein suffered from dyslexia, because he couldn't speak properly until he was 9 years old.

9008. Fact
On average, every American consumes 109 pounds of beef a year.

2467. Fact
The official name of India is not India. It is Bharat.

4229. Fact
Another way to say every 9 years is Novennial

10390. Fact
The reason why bubble gum is pink is because the inventor only had pink colouring left. Ever since then, the colour of bubble gum has been predominantly pink

10423. Fact
Jacksonville, Florida has the largest total area of any city in the United States. It takes up 460 square miles, almost twice the area of Los Angeles.

8464. Fact
The smallest frog is the Brazilian baby frog, which is smaller than a dime

477. Fact
Saha dr.maghnad
Late palit prof.of physics, university college of scientific and technology, calcutta university well-known for his researches in nuclear physics, cosmic rays, spectrum analysis . He lived from 1893 to 1956.

3606. Fact
The phrase sleep tight originated when mattresses were set upon ropes woven through the bed frame. To remedy sagging ropes, one would use a bed key to tighten the rope.

3686. Fact
The little bags of netting for gas lanterns (called 'mantles') are radioactive...so much so that they will set of an alarm at a nuclear reactor.

9935. Fact
If you keep a Goldfish in the dark room, it will eventually turn white

10468. Fact
Red is the most commonly colored vehicle involved in accidents each year.

7524. Fact
Underground is the only word in the English language that begins and ends with the letters und.

1196. Fact
A piece of paper can be folded no more than 9 times.

1485. Fact
Diet Pepsi was originally called Patio Diet Cola.

6415. Fact
Jellyfish can sense a storm 10 to 15 hrs. before it actually occurs and leave the shore and go into the deep sea.

3627. Fact
Iceland has no railway system or army.

2528. Fact
the starfish is the only animal that can turn it's stomach inside out.

1443. Fact
Children who are breast fed tend to have an IQ seven points higher than children who are not.

4299. Fact
John Tyler was the first president to be married in office on June 26, 1844.

8725. Fact
The stapler was invented in Spring Valley, Minnesota.

9162. Fact
The ZIP in "ZIP code" means Zoning Improvement Plan.

2570. Fact
The US interstate highway system requires that one mile in every five be straight. These straight sections function as airstrips in times of war and other emergencies.

5162. Fact
A hard working adult sweats up to 4 gallons per day. Most of the sweat evaporates before a person realizes it's there, though.

5072. Fact
A human eyeball weighs an ounce

7212. Fact
Most Greyhounds are universal blood donors and are used to provide extra blood during another dog's surgery.

10531. Fact
1 out of 350,000 Americans get electrocuted in their life

5904. Fact
It takes 20 different muscles to form a kiss.

7169. Fact
The 1912, a wrestling match in Stockholm between Finn Alfred Asikainen and Russian Martin Klein lasted more than 11 hours. Klein eventually won, but was to tired to participate in the championship match

10499. Fact
Underfund and underground are the only two English words which start and finish with und.

5625. Fact
Cryptorchidism is a medical condition in which one or both testes have not descended properly.

10128. Fact
There are more pyramids in Peru than in Egypt

3833. Fact
Per capita, the Irish eat more chocolate than Americans, Swedes, Danes, French, and Italians.

2268. Fact
The average ear of corn has eight hundred kernels arranged in sixteen rows.

4488. Fact
The fat from sheep, which is called tallow can be used to make soap and candles

4199. Fact
A real estate agent s rule of thumb: To estimate what a house will sell for, ask the owner what its worth and subtract 10%.



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