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1. Which is correct?

2. Charm ________

3. Often

4. Which is correct?

5. Every day

6. Event ________

7. Probably

8. Which is correct?

9. Which is correct?

10. Which is correct?

English Test

1. ESL-EFL Test - 140
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  • Baby Friendly Decorations Ideas

    Camel color

    Everyone thinks a family room needs to have dark upholstery because its where the kids hang out, but I didnt want to go too far with this camel color, designer Pat Healing of this family room in Scarsdale, New York. Only the cushions of the custom U shaped sectional are covered in Holland And Sherrys Rive Gauche mohair. The frame is upholstered in Dedars Giulio Cesare. Light colored pillows brighten it up even more, and can easily be switched out or cleaned.

    Chourishi Systems