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1. He's ________ an unfriendly guy

2. Are there many ________ people?

3. The weather was ________ hot.

4. It takes ________ patience to learn to play chess properly

5. It is the first time I've had ________ bad flu since I was a child

6. So far ________ good

7. It's ________ hot in that club

8. The internet's ________ slow this morning.

9. It was raining, ________ I took an umbrella with me.

10. I've never seen ________ many people at a concert

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    Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Leave it to the country that designed the dopest passports in history to craft a tunnel that looks like something out of Tolkien. It s 15.2 miles long, which makes it the longest roadway tunnel in the world, though those crafty Norwegians installed three rest areas highlighting natural cave formations along the tunnel s route. Oh, and those rest areas? They re lit a glowing blue and red to imitate the sunset. Makes me think the Holland tunnel could use some flourishes.

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