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1. She handled the situation brilliantly; you have to hand it ________ her.

2. The price of petrol went ________ by five pence, which made motorists very angry

3. I lost my keys so I had to wake up my girlfriend to let me ________ the house

4. The taxi's on its way so we'd better listen ________ it

5. If you lock down a computer, you make it secure.

6. If you avoid people and distractions to do some work, you lock yourself away.

7. The teacher handed ________ the exam papers to the students

8. The Minister let the policy ________ in an interview, even though it was supposed to remain secret for another few weeks

9. Her elder sister always hands her old clothes ________ for her to wear when they are too small

10. I'll let you ________ a secret; our boss wears a wig

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