Spotting Errors in Sentence
Directions: In each of the questions, find out which part of the sentence has an error.

1. The lawyer told his client (a) / that he would represent him (b) / only if he pays up his fee. (c) / No error (d)

2. It is unfortunate that (a) / many youngsters get (b) / addicted to gamble. (c) / No error (d)

3. It must be said (a) to his credit that (b) / he stood towards his fhend (c) through thick and thin. (d) / No error (e)

4. As there was only one taxi available (a) I had no other alternative (b) / but to pay the fare demanded by the driver. (c) / No error (d)

5. Hardly did she finish (a) / the typing when (b,) / the Manager entered the room (c) / with some more work. (d) / No error (e)

6. On entering the room (a) / she was found hanging (b) / from the ceiling. (c) / No error (d)

7. My host suffered (a) / from the illusion (b) / that I was a political leader. (c) / No error (d)

8. It is not possible (a) / for one to overhaul a system (b) / so rotten into the core. (c) /No error (d)

9. Rohan was leading (a) / a happy and leisurely (b) / life after his retirement (c) / from service. (d)/No error (e)

10. I can't (a) / afford to pay (b) I that much for it. (c) / No error (d)

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