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1. They ________ us to go there.

2. They're ________ at a January launch.

3. Things went badly with the project, but he took it in his ________ and didn't get upset.

4. They ________ the final.

5. They ________ told about the meeting, so don't forget to call them

6. They're travelling around India for six months; they ________ off this morning for the airport

7. They've been knocking ________ thousands of units a week to shops in the area.

8. They ________ so much of me that I think I'll disappoint them.

9. This letter ________ posted today

10. Thinkable

English Test

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  • Mehandi Designs For Hands

    Designs 36

    The last one we want to present is a modern day Indian mehendi design for the back of the hand. The use of black mehendi makes the design more prominent. Also this design involves very little congestion of designs and patterns. The patterns are unique, especially the pattern on the fingers are quite unique. The design will suit anyone and will also be apt for the brides.Mehendi is the integral part of the Indian culture, an ethnic look remains incomplete without a mehendi. Nowadays many youngsters do a single mehendi tattoo using red and black mehendi. Many are afraid of the procedure involved to do a permanent tattoo, which is also a taboo in our country. Most of the times you have to hide a tattoo rather than flaunt it, with mehendi tattoos you don t have to worry about all this. You can wear it anytime and do it yourself, so just go and have fun creating these simple mehendi designs on your hands and that of your friends. Keep in mind, that simple is elegant. Stay stylish always!

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