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1. If you carry something out, you complete it.

2. If you are dead to the world, no one will listen to you.

3. If you do everything you can to achieve a goal, you pull out all the stops.

4. If something is just a question of time, it is certain to happen.

5. If the program still doesn't work, try ________ the software

6. If you call it a day, you are old-fashioned.

7. If you apply a cream to your skin and rub until it is absorbed, you rub the cream down.

8. If something's a curve ball, it is deceptive.

9. If we want to avoid another similar tragedy, ________ we should take measures now.

10. If you are like a fish out of water, you are ________

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    Checking the Condition of the Equipment

    After you confirm that the electrical equipment is appropriate for the job, you need to check whether its condition is good or not. A simple inspection can be performed by switching off the equipment and checking the plug, wires and the fuse. You must make sure that the plug and cable are working properly. There should be no protruding wires in the cable. In case you find that the cable is damaged, call for someone professional to come and replace it with a new one. Check if there are any overheating signs i.e. stains or burns on your electrical equipment. If you have any wires running on the ground, put them aside to prevent yourself and other people from tripping on them. If you are still afraid that the electrical equipment is not safe enough, call for someone professional to come and check it carefully for you.

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