Pick the correct synonyms.



3. dudgeon

4. amethyst




8. avert



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    Hire the Santas Grotto Meet and Greet (Silver) Christmas theming package and you will be creating a magical area for Santa to take his seat and meet the excited children and families. The Fun Experts have designed an original and unique setting that allows to add something extra special to the festive season; the setting can help change a room and atmosphere, ensuring that Christmas is felt by everyone around.Supported using telescopic poles, the uniquely designed backdrop hangs to show the inside of Santas Grotto. Featuring a great amount of attention to detail, both children and adults will see that every little detail has been thought of to ensure that the magic of Christmas is kept alive in a unique setting.

    Taking a seat on his elaborate throne against the internal backdrop setting, children will be in wonder at what they see and Santa will feel as cosy as he would within his own log cabin.The table provided below is a chance to see what equipment is included within the Silver package while also comparing it with the Bronze and Gold packages that are also available.

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