Vocabulary Examination - Sentence Completion
These tests improve your vocabulary, ability to follow the internal logic of sentences and elimination skill process.

1. I could tell by Konrad’s ________ manner that he was really sorry for how he had treated Annette.

2. Blaine had a tendency to ________ certain details of his evenings out when he didn’t want his parents to know where he had been.

3. The company officials felt the rising cost of health coverage was ________ enough to raise their employees’ insurance premiums.

4. As ________ beings we live each day conscious of our shortcomings and victories.

5. The dress Ariel wore ________ with small, glassy beads, creating a shimmering effect.

6. She realized mortgage rates had declined and decided it was ________ to continue paying rent when she could now afford a monthly payment for her own home.

7. The toy store’s extensive inventory offered a ________ of toys from baby items to video games for teenagers.

8. Lynette had to learn the ________ of the insurance profession before she felt comfortable describing products to her clients.

9. The play’s ________ debut was not a good sign for the struggling producer.

10. The meeting is ________; everyone must attend.

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