General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. Next time you ________ to my house, you must bring that book.

2. The interesting thing about ________ is all the roads that they built in Britain.

3. ________ to see that film that is on at the cinema next week?

4. ________ I bought you a new car, would you be very happy?

5. I'm looking at the photograph ________ you sent me with your letter.

6. ________ by air because the cost of flying is very high.

7. There is a new television programme called: '________ wants to be a millionaire?'.

8. The grass, ________ I cut every week, seems to grow very quickly.

9. What is the name of that picture which you ________ on the wall.

10. ________ you able to lend me some money if I promise you that you will get it back very soon?

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