General English Questions and Answers

1. He finds breathing very difficult in restricted spaces as he ________ from asthma.

2. We will get as near as we can to your requirements but we may not be able to ________ all your needs.

3. As I was a stranger in that country I was not ________ with some of their customs and didn't understand why people were laughing at me.

4. There is a new company regulation to remove the danger of passive smoking, which ________ all employees from smoking at their place of work.

5. ________ ever heard of this writer before?

6. By the end of this year I realize I ________ writing tests for three years now.

7. Eventually they made their minds up and ________ to appoint the outsider to the job.

8. As a ________ of the district she had absolutely no difficulty in understanding the local dialect.

9. How anyone ________ to live in those conditions in the 18th century is difficult to imagine.

10. You couldn't find a more loyal bunch of people who have a ________ of reliability so strong that they will never let you down.

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    Rerack your weights

    If you take dumbbells off of the rack, please put them back where you found them. where you found them, in other words, dont put the 10 lb dumbbells in the 25 lb dumbbell slot on the rack. *note if you found them on the floor because someone else was too lazy to put them away, then dont put them back exactly where you found them, put them back where they belong. You know, common sense and stuff. If you use a machine, bench, or bar that requires weight plates, please remove them when you are done. This is required for two reasons. One, it keeps the place neat and clean. But more importantly is reason number two not everyone can lift as much weight as you can. Leaving hundreds of pounds of weights on a machine may prohibit the next person from being able to use the machine because they simply cant take all of that weight off on their own. So please, when you are done, leave the bar empty.

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