General English Questions and Answers

1. John: Another one that ________ with jolly is the word lolly.

2. When they were younger, they used to ________ in the park with their kids every weekend.

3. After trying hard for a long time, the soldier finally managed to ________ the target.

4. Joan heard the clock ________ midnight and realized that she had forgotten about their appointment.

5. If I see him, I swear I will ________ him for what he has done.

6. Mr Willow is the eldest in the family but no one ever listens to him. Every time he wants to get attention, he has to ________ the table a heavy blow.

7. Sometimes good friends will ________ you just when you need them.

8. Marian was very exhausted at the end of the day so she ________ slowly along the beach on her way back home.

9. I think you should ________ school and get a job.

10. Mary: The one that sounds very grand because it in a way ________ the fact that it means money and that's the wherewithal.

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  • Simple Science

    The Barometer

    Since the pressure of the air changes from time to time, the height of the mercury will change from day to day, and hour to hour. When the air pressure is heavy, the mercury will tend to be high; when the air pressure is low, the mercury will show a shorter column; and by reading the level of the mercury one can learn the pressure of the atmosphere. If a glass tube and dish of mercury are attached to a board and the dish of mercury is inclosed in a case for protection from moisture and dirt, and further if a scale of inches or centimeters is made on the upper portion of the board, we have a mercurial barometer.

    If the barometer is taken to the mountain top, the column of mercury falls gradually during the ascent, showing that as one ascends, the pressure decreases in agreement with the statement. Observations similar to these were made by Torricelli as early as the sixteenth century. Taking a barometric reading consists in measuring the height of the mercury column.

    FIG. - A simple barometer.

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