General English Questions and Answers

1. The extent of the ________ available in this one store is more than you can possibly imagine.

2. In order to make a sensible ________ among the different vacuum cleaners available, it is important to do some research.

3. The larger company did not really want to join with the smaller one because it was more interested in a ________ .

4. The ________ of alcohol is not allowed in any of the company's premises in order to present a clean image.

5. Whenever I go to the old part of a city, I like to ________ all the shops selling antiques.

6. When you are setting out to ________ new customers in an advertisement, choose the right words.

7. They're quite ________ in their policy of not giving refunds without a receipt in this store.

8. This machine is obviously useless and if I were you I'd get your money ________ .

9. I prefer to deal in ________ cash rather than cheques.

10. The local department store has to make a sustained effort at this time of the year to ________ customer demand for summer clothing.

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